You will no doubt be aware of the government guidance on managing the spread of COVID19 and the recommendation to limit social interaction and travel, and to implement home working wherever possible. Like all organisations QMS have taken action to comply with the national guidance and ensure the protection of our staff, clients and community.

QMS have now implemented full working from home, in line with our Business Continuity Plan. We are fortunate that we can do this and continue to deliver the services that you expect without great disruption. You may be wondering how this will affect the services that QMS provide, so here is an update.

QMS Customer Support:

The short answer is that you should not see any impact on the services we provide to you. Our customer support desk will respond to emails and calls in the usual way. Please use email if possible.

In the event of COVID19 infection within the organisation, we hope that the measures we have taken will reduce the likelihood of multiple staff being affected at the same time. However, this remains a possibility for all of us as the epidemic progresses. In this case, it is possible that the response times on our support desk may be impacted. We will continue to respond via the existing channels and will issue further updates if any changes become necessary or if we anticipate any significant impact on our services.

Contacting QMS:

For general communications with our clients, users and suppliers, we already rely largely on email and this will be unaffected by the new working arrangements. Existing staff phone numbers have also been diverted where appropriate and these can still be used, although email is preferred if possible.

QMS Services:

Some of our clients are making changes to the way their front-line services run over the coming months, particularly where this could have an impact of GP workload or patient attendance. QMS will support you in making these changes where an element of the service is delivered by QMS. Please let us know as soon as possible if you wish to make any alterations to the way your service operates. We will continue to operate the existing service in the normal way unless you instruct us to make changes.

I should also highlight that where GP practices are very busy, it isn’t always easy to contact the relevant staff member by phone when needed. We are encouraging practices to provide us with a direct line to the relevant contact and alternative email addresses for backup. This will help communications during peak periods without adding too much burden on the practice.

I hope this clarifies what to expect from QMS over the coming period, but if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

Martin Bethell, Managing Director

18th March 2020